Almost time to vote!

I’m angrier than a pigeon with no one to poop on, because I have to write an article like this.  The election season is upon us here in Albany County, just like most everywhere else.  Indeed, there’s an state and local election on the 25th and, of course, the big one on November 5th.

One thing about voting in this county is that early voting will be available starting on the 15th.  There are numerous polling sites and you can find them here.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re properly registered to vote, you can check your status here.

Locally, one of the most intense offices that are up for votes is the district attorney’s office.  There are two candidates who really want that office.  Lee Kindlon and David Soares are the two choices.  Soares is running for re-election and has served six terms.

One problem personally that Soares will be up against is a bit of a scandal in his office.  He apparently wrote a bonus check for himself that seemingly was improper.  He gave the money back, but only after he was duly exposed in the local media.  When he pulled that stunt, I knew I couldn’t vote for him in good conscience.

I at first thought I’d throw away my vote and write myself in.  Never mind the fact that I’ve never spent a day of my life in law school.  I’ve worked for attorneys, but of course that doesn’t make me an attorney, and to be district attorney, you have to be a, you know, attorney.

So along came Kindlon.  After reading what he had to say, I decided that my vote would best be used for him.  I reached out to him to do a quick email interview, something that he immediately committed to doing after the debate.  Well, I followed up and was met with crickets.

So, Kindlon obviously can’t honor a commitment.  That’s a huge red flag, but at least he hasn’t written himself bonus checks that he wasn’t entitled to, so I guess I’m going to have to vote for the guy who doesn’t keep promises.

Not only that, but Soares has, in my opinion, become a little too full of himself.  It’s time to take him down a peg or two and the only way to do that is to shove him out of office and change the name on the door, even if it’s a name that can’t live up to a promise.

No matter who you end up voting for, make sure to use your rights.  Whether you vote early, by absentee ballot, or traditionally, just make sure to vote.  No matter if you’re Republican or DemocRAT, make your voice heard!