He won’t be stopped…ever!

I’m angrier than a master control operator who can’t get his station back on the air over this next story.  I’m angry because my hero, the 47th president of the United States was tried and convicted.  I’m angry at the jurors who bought into the hype and turned traitor.  I’m also angry because I, legally speaking, have been advised that doxxing them would lead to serious legal consequences for me.

I’m encouraged by the patriots who stand up for him, like the person who flew a Trump flag at a local post office.  Whomever did that is a true American.  Well, on to the bad news.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the best president in recent memory was convicted of 34 felonies.

In theory, he could go to prison, but that’s unlikely to happen.  Yes, the convictions are bad news for Trump and for America as a whole.  But one good thing came out of it: numerous patriots such as myself immediately donated funds to his campaign.  I did my part by donating.

In fact, his campaign brought in almost $53 million in the 24 hours following his conviction, according to a CBS News report.

All one has to do is peruse X and they’ll see that many Republicans are vowing to vote for “a convicted felony.”  I am one of those Republicans.  If you look at this site’s sidebar, you’ll see that he is still my president and there’s an upside down American flag.  That’s because our country is almost completely down the tubes.  We are in distress and the only way to remedy that is to put Trump back into office.

Now, more than ever, we need Trump in charge.  We can’t let the DemocRATS hold onto control of the White House.  What the election has come down to, even though neither PFN Joe Biden or American hero Trump have been formally chosen by their parties, is this:

  • Another four years with a pedophile who took showers with his daughter and who has been photographed many times touching little kids inappropriately.
  • A true patriot who simply wants to make American great again.  He hasn’t been accused of taking showers with his girls and he has never been photographed touching little kids.  Or any kids at all.

Those are the two choices that the American voters will face on November 5th.  Every penny the Trump campaign brings in is a penny towards electing a true hero.  You can do your part to prove you’re a patriot by donating to his campaign.  We all have work.  Let no one shirk.