The Trump jury’s verdict

I’m angrier than a Republican who’s been mocked by one too many DemocRATS.  That’s because the Donald Trump jury took as long as they did to reach a verdict.  But they did reach a verdict after about two days of deliberation.

News that the jury did reach a verdict was given as a breaking news push by all major media outlets at around 4:40 p.m. local time.  There was some paperwork that needed to be completed and at about 4:55 p.m. the jury filed back into the courtroom.

Cameras and audio broadcasting was forbidden so the networks had to rely on text messages from their reporters.

Like most everyone else, as soon as I got the push alerts, I turned to NBC News Now, which in turn took a special report from NBC News.  Obviously, no matter which way the verdict went, there was going to be history in the making.

The final outcome on the verdict took some time; after all, the jury had to fill out sheets for all 34 counts.  On all counts?  Guilty.  Our nation just got a little worse and I know of twelve traitors whose lives just changed, and not for the better.

The fact that Trump has been convicted on all of the charges is historic enough.  After all, he’s the first former president to be found guilty of felonies.

Of course, it’s bad news for him, but it’s also bad news for his supporters and all Republicans, all of whom, however, will continue to support him. The guilty finding on all counts means, according to legal analysts on the NBC News special report, although he is now technically a convicted felon, he will officially be a felon once he is sentenced on July 11.

Can you imagine being a juror that sealed Trump’s fate?  Life for them and their families just got a little worse, given that their information has rightfully been given out, and fellow Republicans, at least some of them, will likely give into temptation and do things that might put some people in jail.  If they do something illegal, then they will put their freedom on the line.  Lots of people are angry with the jury to the point that they think it’s a good idea to retaliate.

I am not one of those people, however.  I highly recommend that no one does anything stupid, especially if they’re thinking of bringing physical harm to the jurors.  Although they deserve everything bad that’s likely going to happen to them, they’re not worth the consequences.

I am still a Trump supporter.  I will always be.  I look forward to news stories coming out that report that jurors are being held accountable for what they just did.  They are traitors.  Hopefully, they’ll be pariahs in their respective neighborhoods, their places of work, worship and play.

No matter what, though, Trump is still well on his way to being the 47th president of the United States.  He will be our 47th president.

The question is this: will he face prison time?  Maybe.  But if yes, he can still serve as president.  He has no criminal history, and what he supposedly did was non-violent and didn’t involve weapons, so although he could go to prison for four years, he will likely get probation.  Can you imagine being the person assigned to Trump as his probation officer?

The sentence won’t be handed down, again, until July 11th, and then there’s the appeals process, so this could actually drag on past Trump’s swearing in, because we all know he’s our 47th president.  No one wants a pedophile who took showers with his daughter to get a second term.

What’s better for our country?  A felon or a dirty old man who touches children inappropriately and who took showers with his own daughter?  Clearly, Trump is still the better choice, because, after all, he’s the only one who truly wants to make America great again!

Trump will be free on bail with no restrictions.

“This was a disgrace,” Trump told the media as he exited the courtroom.  He looked tired, disappointed, angry and defeated.  He doesn’t deserve what just happened to him.

“I’m an innocent man,” he went on to say. “It’s just a disgrace.  Our country has gone to hell.”  He went on to say that, “the real verdict will come November 5th.” Yes, and that verdict will be that Biden, whom we all know is a pedophile who took showers with his daughter, will be kicked out to the curb on  January 20th.

With the charges of lowest-level, non-violent, non-weapon charges, he likely won’t be imprisoned.  And of course, he faces more kangaroo court trials at the hands of people who want to ruin our country.  But let’s focus on this for now.  Things just got worse for our country.  And that’s all because of twelve traitors, clearly none of them patriots.  They clearly don’t know about jury nullification.

Today was a bad day, yes, but it is not the end of the road for the former president.  Sit tight, fellow Republicans.  The process is just beginning!