Could it happen today?

I’m angrier than a true patriot (a Republican!) who realizes that the jury might turn traitor.  Yesterday, I told you that it’s now a waiting game.  Americans will have no choice to put themselves at the jury’s mercy.  Now, here we are.  Just moments ago, the jury resumed their deliberations after doing so for only four hours yesterday.

It might be a good sign that a long deliberation period might indicate that the jury will become hung.  Today marks the 23rd day of the trial and everyone’s spent.  That means that the jury might be motivated to come up with a verdict sooner rather than later.

ABC News is providing a live update page on its website.  As of the time that this article was published, the jury had just left the room.  ABC News reported that courtroom staffers are preparing binders full of the information that they requested yesterday evening, namely a readback of testimony and of the judge’s jury instructions.  This might give some insight as to what jurors are thinking.

Right now, there’s not much to report on.  We know that the jury will diving into those binders and scrutinize each page.  All we can do is wait and see.

Will the jury render a verdict today?  I highly doubt it.  Going through all those binders will at best take all day.  They probably won’t actually deliberate today.  Yesterday, I predicted that the jury would hand up a verdict tomorrow afternoon, but it’s looking like the history-making decision won’t come to pass until Monday or Tuesday at the lastest,