And now, we wait

I’m angrier than a Republican who just found out a DemocRAT won an election over the way our 45th and 47th president, American hero Donald Trump, is being treated.  He’s been on trial on kangaroo court charges that never should be been brought to begin with.

Well, the trial portion is over and as I type this, the jury is going through its steps to come up with a verdict.  Hopefully, the jury remembers that we have all of their information and that some people (not me) might want to have a little “chat” with them.  In other words, if they know what’s good for them, they’ll acquit, or some unhinged people might want to take action.

What it really comes down to this: either the jury will get things right or our American hero who only wants to make America great again could go down in history as the first former (for now) president to be found guilty of a crime.

While it’s possible that he did what he’s accused of, it’s a victimless crime and he should never have been dragged into court to begin with.  But he was and here we are.

“Mother Teresa could not beat those charges…but we’ll see,” Trump said to media outlets this morning.  It sounds like he’s prepared for the worst and as his supporters, we need to be as well.  It’s important to note that if he is found guilty, we need to be the better people.

Of the judge, Trump said, “the judge is so conflicted that he can’t breathe.”  So true, but I worry that the judge will try to say that Trump violated his ridiculous and overreaching gag order that violated Trump’s basic First Amendment rights.

  • Don’t cause a riot
  • Don’t make a scene
  • Don’t give the DemocRATS any reason to make us look like we’re unhinged
  • Don’t get arrested.
  • Don’t invade property or trespass.

If we can just restrain ourselves if the worst does happens, then we won’t be dragged through the mud like we were that one time, you know, the “insurrection.”  What happened there was not a crime, but many of our fellow Republicans were arrested and some were put in prison under false pretenses.

As for today, the jury has been sent home and will return for a full day of deliberations tomorrow morning.  Today, the jury asked for a witnesses’ testimony to be read back.  Separate from that, they asked to hear their instructions again.  I’m thinking that this is actually a good thing for Trump.  About two hours ago, they were sent home for the day.

Also, there was some confusion today.  Some people on X have tweeted that the judge said they don’t need unanimous verdicts.  According to the Associated Press, what actually happened was this:

“Merchan said that to convict Trump the jury will have to find unanimously, on each of 34 felony counts, that he falsified business records and that he did so with the intent of concealing another crime — in this case, violating a state election law during his 2016 campaign. The judge said jurors could consider three different ways the law may have been broken and that they don’t have to be unanimous on this decision.”

That’s interesting.  I’m no attorney by any means, but I think the judge just handed the defense grounds for an appeal on a silver platter.  Yes, I’m aware that when it comes to guilty or not guilty, all twelve jurors must agree.  They just don’t have to agree on the three different ways a law was broken.

It’s not so much confusing as anger-inducing.  A misinformed jury renders a misinformed verdict and it won’t be good for our country if Trump winds up being convicted.  The jurors would do well to keep that in mind.

One person’s tweet said this:

“Judge Merchan has told the jury that they do NOT NEED unanimity to convict. They do not have to all agree on what occurred. 4 can agree on one crime, 4 on a different one, and the other 4 on another. He will treat 4-4-4 as a UNANIMOUS verdict.”

I don’t know.  That still sounds a little shady to me.  This may cause the jury to be hung and then we’d have to start all over again, because we all know the prosecutors won’t just walk away from this.

So, we’ll be sitting and waiting tomorrow, and I honestly think that the jury will come back with their verdict at some point on Friday.  I know that this is a historic trial and that they’ll need time to go through all the petty and vengeful charges, but I think that this trial is so ridiculous that it won’t take them more than a couple days, so their verdict, I think, could be handed up late Friday afternoon.

The best thing to do is we should get our news updates from reliable sources, not some random weirdo on X.  All it takes is one unhinged person and everyone will believe him or her and it all goes downhill from there.

Anyway, we’ll all be waiting to see if tomorrow is the day that our hero and the best president in recent years is finally acquitted and left alone.

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