It was for the greater good

I’m angrier than an Android user who just now realized that he can’t listen through his earbuds at the same time that he’s charging my phone over this.  I’m angry because people are whining and crying like little bitches.  You see, yesterday at the post office in Delmar, a suburb of Albany, New York, someone put a 47th president Donald Trump flag on the flagpole, below the American and POW flags.

Someone went whining to the media and all of the television stations here in Albany got trolled.  I’m well aware that only certain flags can fly on a pole at a federal facility, but I fail to see the problem here.  It was done for the greater good: recognizing the man who will get back into the White House.

Indeed, someone attached the flag with zip ties, so the idea that a postal employee would risk their career to support the greatest president in recent years is quashed.  But whomever did it is an American hero!

In response to the media queries, the flag was removed by someone who had to come in on a federal holiday.  It’s not such a big deal.  Now, if someone put up PFN and pedophile Joe Biden, then I ‘d have a problem, because Biden is wrong for this country.  But Trump only wants to make America great again, after Biden made it less than great.

Anyway, the local police department contacted the postal inspector and that’s probably what triggered the flag coming down.  They have yet to decide whether they’re going to investigate further.

Seriously.  Get over it!