It all comes down to this

I’m angrier than a true Republican over the way Trump’s been treated during his kangaroo court trial.  But it’s all going to be over today!

Indeed, today, closing arguments will take place, and then it’s up to the jury whether or not to convict.    If the jury is smart, given that they’ve all been doxxed, they’ll acquit.  If they convict, then I know of twelve people whose lives will be turned upside down.

American hero Trump faces 34 felony counts, and we all know each and every count is a sham.

How long will the jury take?  In a matter such as this, they should be out for less than an hour because it’s so damn obvious that he’s innocent.  But what if he’s convicted?  We’re prepared for the worst.  The way the Constitution is written, he can run our country from a prison cell.

It would be a historic thing indeed for a wrongfully convicted former and future president to be in prison, but if the jury chooses to being publicly identified, then they’ve got a problem on their hands.

Will I expose them if they convict?  After all, many other bloggers and freelance reporters, among many others, already know their information, because under New York state law requires that their information be exposed in open court, making their information public and up for grabs?

The jurors’ information is already out there for public scrutiny. And that’s not just the trial jury.  Jurors who sat on the grand jury and indicted him were also held accountable.  A little Google magic will yield you what true Republicans want to see: something that will hold the jurors accountable if they make the wrong move.

One juror’s name is out there for all to see.  Juror B374 has been identified and exposed.

Will I jump on the bandwagon and investigate and expose the jurors if they convcit?  Maybe, maybe not.  The mainstream media is dangerously close to exposing information that could be used to find the jurors’ information, all of which should absolutely be up for grabs.  Fox News Channel has done their patriotic duty and have disclosed enough information to expose at least one of the jurors.

Besides, someone else will gladly expose the jurors.  For their sake, I hope the jury knows what’s good for them here.  If they vote to convict on even one of the counts, their lives will forever be ruined.  And that will be an amusing thing to see!

I am, however, working hard to find and hopefully expose information on each and every juror should Trump be convicted.  And it’ll all be based on public record.  I will not resort to illegal tactics here.  If they acquit on all charges, then there’s no reason to expose them.

What’s really sick is that the media has been stymied by the judge’s order to not report on the jurors’ employment information.  That’s a huge blow to the media outlets, including bloggers.  So much for the first amendment, right?  NBC News has chosen not to include jurors’ names, a move that’s irresponsible to say the least.  The only way to hold the jurors accountable is to expose them so they have the proper motivation to acquit on all counts.

If, however, the jury convicts Trump, a number of things could happen.  He could be confined to his home.  He could be put in prison, say at Riker’s Island.  If that were to happen, his Secret Service detail would be legally obligated to protect him and in turn, the corrections officers would have to protect the Secret Service.

The judge has indicated that a custodial sentence is not out of the question.  But he admitted that if he were to give that order, the people who would be tasked with executing that order could be in harm’s way.  I honestly think that this is all moot.  I’m sure that the jury knows the potential consequences if they convict, but we do need to be prepared to see an American hero put behind bars.

Only time will tell what will happen to the jurors if they convict.  In the meantime, all we can do is wait and see.

(Photo credit: White House, public figure)