There goes my hero

I’m angrier than a cat without a kitty treat.  I’m enraged because American hero Donald Trump was kicked out of the White House.  That’s because he didn’t have a chance to step up and kick illegals out of our once great country.  Well, he has promised that, on January 20, 2025, he will close the border and send illegals from whence they came.  That, gentle reader, will be the first step to make American great once again.

PFN Joe Biden couldn’t or wouldn’t solve the emigration problem in our country.  One of the best presidents in our fine country’s history will correct that situation.  Had Biden done his job, we wouldn’t be overrun by emigrants.  Trump will do what Biden has, for one reason or another, failed to do.  That’s why true patriots will vote Trump back into office.

As can be expected, his opponents are whining that Trump’s patriotic plan will cause problems and that it’ll be a tragedy.  Well, the only tragedy here is what would happen if Biden is allowed to stay in the White House.  One loser called a “nightmare.”  The only nightmare here is what has happened: millions of illegals have slithered into our country.

The opponents cry that families will be separated.  Yeah?  Well, that’s what they get for sneaking into our country.  For every action, there is a consequence, and the illegals’ consequence should be separation and then deportation.  Trump seems to be the only leader who will have the power to give illegals what they deserve.

A true patriot will support Trump’s plan.  Only a traitor would want illegals to stay.  Are you a patriot, or are you a traitor.  We’ll find out your true colors in November.