Too little, too late, Biden!

I’m angrier than a politician with no volunteers over this story.  That’s because PFN Joe Biden has decided to pull a last-minute stunt in an effort to remain in office.  It seems that, conveniently, Biden has moved forward with plans to release one million barrels of oil.  These barrels will be coming from reserves located in New Jersey and Maine.

Biden’s doing this in a pathetic attempt to lower gas prices at the pumps, which he clearly thinks will cause voters to forget his old age, his refusal to stay awake and his sexual attraction to young girls and keep him in office.  Just like a DemocRAT, right?

What Biden is doing is that he’s trying to control inflation, which amazingly enough is one of the main concerns that voters have.  Why didn’t he do this sooner?  Why is he waiting until it’s clear that American hero Donald Trump is taking away his supporters?

It seems to me that if Biden truly cared about Americans, gas prices and inflation, that he’d have done something much sooner.  To do it now is a poorly-disguised effort to distract American voters.

It remains to be seen if Biden’s efforts will bear fruit.  I guess we’ll find out around July 4th.