Sleepy Joe humiliated

I’m angrier than a bee that can’t make honey right now.  That’s because I couldn’t witness this news story in person.  I do, however, love it when a DemocRAT is humiliated.  So it is for PFN Biden.  He drove through Atlanta in his motorcade, but there’s just one problem: hardly anyone was there to see him.  Oh, that had to hurt our sleepy, pervy, pedophile president deeply!

Atlanta, for the moment, is blue.  But given the cold response to his presence, Atlanta could very well flip red at any moment.  Simply put, the fact that few people showed up to greet our military-hating president means that perhaps Biden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  And that makes me giddy!  I love to see a dirty DemocRAT fail.

At one point, Atlanta loved him.  He was the first DemocRAT to be elected to the highest office in the land in thirty years.  But oh, how the tides have changed!  Is it possible that Trump can take Atlanta?  Hopefully, Atlanta voters want to make America great again, because DemocRATS want nothing of bettering our country.

Biden was so poorly received that in one neighborhood, only about twelve people showed up to wish him well.  Hopefully, that rejection will continue wherever he goes during this election cycle.  And, if there’s any justice, he’ll feel the ultimate rejection when Trump takes the office back!