There are still only two!

I’m angrier than a Catholic who has to put up with twenty different gender identities these days.  As I wrote last month, there are only two genders, folks: male and female.  But leave it to the New York state DMV to foul things up and to enable people to be immoral.

Indeed, the state’s DMV has issued well over 4,000 driver’s licenses and ID cards with an “X” gender option.  What the hell?  Those of us with morals know that there are, as I’ve stated, only two genders, not three, not four, not whatever you want to make up.  So it’s disgusting to see people being enabled.

There are scumbag organizations that scream about rights at the top of their lungs, but God’s law trumps man’s law.  The people who pretend to be other genders will, one way or another, get theirs either in this life, by way of being hated, looked down upon and discriminated against, or in the next, because God will not be mocked.  There’s no reason or excuse to assault them, burn down their homes, key their cars, etc.  One day, God will handle them.

People who “identify as” a gender other than the one they were born into are merely pretending and they are absolutely disgusting and filthy.  There is no excuse for the stunts that they pull.  Their behavior cannot be enabled, validated or excused.  Of course, disgusting gay pride organizations are overjoyed and they think that there’s nothing morally wrong with the way they live.

These people have a law-given right to live as they do, spitting in the face of God by arrogantly defining their own gender.  But it is not a God-given right!  The best thing to do with these people and shun them.  Not too long ago, I had a neighbor who was in medical distress.

There was no question that it needed 911 called and CPR rendered.  I chose to do neither because of its lifestyle.  It didn’t make it.  Someone else happened upon it all and called 911, but did not know CPR (honestly, who doesn’t know CPR?) but by the time that they arrived, there was nothing to be done.  Did I lose a second of sleep over it?  Nope.  I’m not required by law to render aid, so I didn’t.  I would have if it hadn’t messed with its gender.

All these transgenders and pretenders should be looked down upon, but man’s law says that’s hatred.  Not so! God’s law, however, makes it clear that what they are doing is a mortal sin and they will one day have to pay for their sinful deeds.

Shame on the DMV for caving instead of fighting the disgusting law that makes it possible for this “X” gender nonsense to happen.  They should have gone to court instead of rolling over like the filthy little dogs that they are.