72 Hours until death

I’m angrier than an iPhone user who just found out that iPhone put out three emergency updates whereas Android users don’t have to do that over this article.  Finding out that almost all of humanity can be wiped out in a matter of three days tends to make one irate.

So it is according to an article published on the Daily Mail website today.  An expert in nuclear warfare has come forward and warned that around five billion people could be wiped out within 72 hours and that’s not counting those who will be lucky enough to be vaporized within a fraction of a fraction of a second.

Annie Jacobsen, an investigative journalist out of Connecticut as well as a New York Times best-selling author, has been working on a book for four years.  It is entitled Nuclear War: A Scenario.  She is quoted as saying, “if a nuclear exchange happens…it will not stop until the world ends.”  She went on to say that, “it is a matter of seconds and minutes.”

Jacobsen then stated the obvious, something that most of us learned growing up in the Cold War era: the president of the United States has “sole authority” to authorize a nuclear strike.  That man (not sexist…no women are running!) can start the process of wiping out humanity with very little notice.

If our president were to launch a first strike, we’d be nuked by numerous countries all at the same time, the most powerful being Russia, a country that is trying to wipe out Ukraine, an innocent country.  I don’t believe that PFN Biden or, after January 20, 2025, the 47th president, Donald Trump, would launch a first strike.

We may not launch a first strike, but I do unfortunately believe that if Russia or another country launches a first strike against a NATO country, that the president would order our country to launch nukes thanks to Article Five, which, simply put, means that if an attack happens to one NATO country, it happened to all countries, and given that, we would be obligated to jump in, which these days means launching nukes.  We would then be signing our own death warrant.

Jacobsen said that an ICBM could reach, say, the United States, within thirty minutes.  There would be little to no time to launch a retaliatory strike before we’re wiped out.  That, she said, is why the president has the “sole authority” to launch.

How does the process of getting the president to make a decision as to whether or not to launch an attack work?  Watch this video. It lays things out a lot better and quicker than I ever could.

Once the president gives the order, there is a well-rehearsed and well-defined series of steps.  It is possible to get the nukes in the air in less than ten minutes.  And no, there is no “red button.”  There’s a series of key turns and consent from two separate teams of Air Force officers before our ICBM’s can be unleashed.  But I’m starting to lecture when the video does my job for me.

Jacobsen stated that the initial flash would be 180 million degrees hot, which explains why so many people would be vaporized before the signal from their eyes reaches their brains.  Being vaporized would be a merciful death.  Those that survive the blasts will get radiation poisoning and will endure a lot of pain and suffering before they finally die.

Yes, there are those who will be in bunkers, and they will survive for weeks, months and so on as long as they have provisions.  They will be exempt from vaporization and from pain and suffering.  But there’s a caveat.  Sooner or later, whether it be weeks, months or even a year, they’ll have to emerge from their hidey-holes.  What kind of a world will greet them?

Money? Worthless!

Food and water?  Poisoned.

People will be killing each other for less than a slice of poisoned bread.  There will be no law enforcement.  Martial law will be the rule.  In short, it will be a literal hell on earth.  Do they really want to survive only to come out to that?

Ukraine is not a NATO country, but if Russia decides to launch nukes in their direction, our president might order our country to become involved.  That will spell doom for most, if not all, of the United States.  On the one hand, we like Ukraine.

On the other hand, we’d be dragging ourselves into a war that really doesn’t concern us.  But given the friendship that we have with Ukraine, we’d have to do the right thing and defend them.  And that will come at a great cost to us.

Will we experience nuclear war in our lifetime?  Depending on how old you are, I believe so.  People of my generation will, I believe, experience the hell that is nuclear war.  It’ll make what we rightfully did to Japan look like a slap on the wrist.

There’s nothing we can do.  The power to get us involved in a nuclear exchange rests on the shoulders of the president and the president alone.  That is why we need former and future president Donald Trump at the helm.  Biden will be too busy sniffing teenage girls’ hair, getting into showers with twelve-year-old girls and touching pre-teen and teenaged girls inappropriately.  We don’t need a pedophile at the helm.  For the sake of our country, we need Trump’s guiding hands.