I knew he was a pedo!

I’m angrier than a cop who witnessed a Dunkin’ burning to the ground over the fact that PFN Biden was voted into office.  Why?  Because America let an admitted pedophile into the White House, that’s why!  There is a video circulating around the internet that shows Biden admitting to the world that he was involved with a twelve-year-old girl when he was thirty.

Why would anyone do such a thing in the first place?  Why would he admit to it?  From multiple sources, it has been confirmed that he made this shocking admission of pedophilia.  Then again, it really isn’t much of a surprise, given the fact that he likes sniffing teenage girls’ hair and he definitely likes asking young children inappropriate questions.

The girl in question is apparently his own granddaughter, which makes what he admitted to doing him not only a pedophile, but an incestuous son of a bitch to boot.  How is this guy walking the streets?  How is he our president and the leader of the strongest, best military known to man?

If the voters put Biden back into office, they’ll be knowingly sending a pedophile, child molester and incest-committing sicko in for a second term.  This simply cannot stand!

Why isn’t he under arrest?

He certainly made a shocking admission, an admission that no sane man would make.  The question is: where do we go from here?  Well, the only choice here is to vote for the only candidate who wants what’s best for America and who will make our country great again.  If Biden truly loves his country, he’ll withdraw from the race and hand the presidency back to Trump.  At least Trump doesn’t do inappropriate things with teenage girls!

The next few months will be very telling.  Will Americans allow a self-admitted pedophile to go in for a second term, or will they do the right thing and fire him and put him in prison?

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