It was bound to happen

I’m angrier than a Trump supporter who just found out that PFN Biden actually got it right for once.  You see, Sleepy Joe managed to do something right for perhaps the first time in his presidency.  I have to take two hot showers after writing that, dear reader.

Indeed, Biden has finally grown some stones and has told Israel that the USA is going to stop sending bombs and other implements of war if they do a major invasion, which, given Israel’s track record, will happen.

Biden claims that Israel has used American-donated weaponry to attack civilians.  This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that Israel threw the first punch against Iran.  When Iran answered back, people rushed to Israel’s defense thereby condoning the Jew-occupied country.

To wake Israel up, Biden has stopped shipment of further weapons until this is resolved to the satisfaction of the United States.

We, as a country, should not be supporting or enabling Israel.  Leave them to their own devices and don’t expect us to enable cold-blooded murder as well as what could very well be war crimes.

What side of history will Biden come down on?  Time will tell!