The whole world’s against him!

I’m angrier than a MAGA Republican who’s watching the judge railroad future POTUS #47 Donald Trump.  Again, the judge has shown malicious feelings towards Trump.  I say that because the scumbag judge has rudely denied Trump’s reasonable and proper request for a mistrial after Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford got on the stand yesterday.

Daniels has been testifying about a supposed sexual relationship between her and Trump.  Trump has higher standards than her, so already I think she’s lying.  Why would she lie?  That’s between her and her conscience, but it’s my opinion that she has an agenda.

On social media, Trump publicly called for a mistrial, calling out the prosecution yet again.  Will the judge dare put him in jail?  Given how hot tempers are right now, I don’t think the judge will be safe if he puts Trump in jail and especially if Trump gets acquitted.  That’s definitely not a threat, but it is an observation.
It’s no surprise that Trump continues to get mistreated.  The whole world’s against him and it’s not fair.  However, his revenge will come in the form of winning the election and kicking PFN Biden out of office.  That is, of course, he is able to awaken Biden.
We have nothing to do but sit back and watch the public show.  I don’t think Trump did anything wrong.  I do, however, think that the prosecution also has an agenda and I believe that for them, it’s personal.  I don’t think that they’re concerned with facts, and it seems to me that they’re intent on putting him in prison.
Trump is a good person and he’s an even better president.  Here he is trying to make America great again and this is the thanks he gets?  Downright disgusting.  Trump was right: the prosecution indeed has no case.  Let’s hope the jury does the right thing.