Oh, go back to sleep, Sleepy Joe!

I’m angrier than a Christian stuck listening to a Jew whine and cry over PFN Biden’s latest stunt.  Nope, he just won’t shut up.  Now, he’s defending Jews, whining that antisemitism is on the rise.  The problem is that even saying one unkind thing about a Jew and you’re antisemitic. 

But of course the Jews can call us racist names like “goyim,” and no one holds them accountable.  Yet another reason why Jews are looked down upon.  Well, that and that stunt they pulled where they handed Jesus off to the Romans to be killed.  We must never forget what the Jews did.

Biden whined that there is a “ferovious surge” in incidents that some people to think are antisemitic.  Problem is, none of the things Biden’s talking about qualifies.  Biden went on to paint Israeli people as the victims.  Not so!  Let us not forget that it was the Jews who threw the first punch.

Of course Biden went on to say that there’s no place for antisemitism anywhere in the country.  Why isn’t he defending the Catholics, who continue to be persecuted even to this very day?  No, he’s pandering to the lowest common denominator, which in this case is the Jewish people.  He’s trying to win their votes.

The protests going on at various universities supposedly victimize the Jews.  They don’t.  The students are simply exercising their right to freedom of speech and expression and the Jews don’t like it, so they hit the antisemitism button, again playing the victim, just like they do when it comes to the “holocaust.”

No, we don’t need to be concerned with the Jews.  That they’re hated is all of their own doing.  The true victims are the Christians who are being victimized by the Jews.  Remember they took a war and turned it into a “holocaust,” but they don’t rise to the defense of the others that were prisoners of war.  It’s all about them, them, them.  No wonder any decent person hates them.