They won’t just let him be

I am angrier than a MAGA Trump person who sees how Trump’s being treated over this next story.  Days ago, I mentioned the fact that the judge and the prosecutors in his criminal trial just won’t leave him alone.  They’re trying to censor him and that can’t stand.

Well, now they’re at it again, trying to persecute a man who simply wants to make country great again.  Right now, we’re not great.  We’re a laughingstock.  Trump is the only candidate who can fix it.  Biden sure can’t.  But that’s not the focus of this story.

For the tenth time, the judge has found Trump guilty of contempt of court and has threatened our country’s hero with jail time.  He did, in his defense, tell Trump that “the last thing I want to do is put you in jail,” according to CBS News.  Let’s see if he holds firm.
In this criminal matter, Trump is being unfairly charged with thirty-four counts of falsifying business records.  They’re trumped up (no pun intended!) charges and I am comforted saying that he will be vindicated, if the jury knows is the right thing to do.