Stop it already!

I’m angrier than a Republican who sees how Trump is being treated in court over this.  About a week ago, I reported the fact that he’s being treated wrongly in court.  Well, it’s happening again!  Prosecutors are once again seeking a violation of a gag order.  It’s almost as if they want him in prison!

Trump has already been fined and the judge has threatened him with a custodial sanction if he doesn’t stop talking.  Problem is, Trump isn’t doing anything wrong.  This is not how you treat a man who simply wants to make America great again!

The one thing in their favor is that prosecutors aren’t asking for jail time.  But the judge seems to be ready to do that to Trump anyway.  I really don’t think the judge has the balls to put Trump in jail, because there are some Trump supporters who might seek to hold the judge accountable.  There are people who think that they’ll get away with that.
There’s nothing to do but sit back and wait.  Trump might want to dial it back a bit, but all in all, he’s not really doing anything wrong.  No one is getting hurt, after all.  When the case finally goes to the jury, the nation will wait to see what happens.
If Trump is found guilty, I don’t think the jury will enjoy a moment of peace.  But if they do do something stupid like convict him, they’ll have to deal with the consequences, if any.  The good news here is that Trump can still run for office.
Suppose Trump does get convicted.  He can still be sworn in as the nation’s 47th president and he can serve from his prison cell.  There’s nothing to stop him.  Of course, that would be an odd precedent-setting situation.
We may as well hand the election victory to Trump, because there aren’t enough voters to reward PFN Biden for sleeping so much and for sniffing teenage girls’ hair.
Let’s see what happens.