Just how stupid is he?

I’m angrier than an iPhone user who had to do three security updates in one week alone over the fact that some people will probably feel sorry for PFN Biden after this story

A lot of people know how to read a teleprompter.  I learned how to use one in my high school media class and I used in my professional life as well.  As anyone who uses one knows, there’s not only the things you’re supposed to read, but there are cues and directions that are never meant to go beyond the reader’s eyes.

Well, it turns out that Biden, the sleepy dumbass that he is, saw “pause” on his prompter and actually read it out loud.  “Four more years, pause,” is what he says.  Then, the silence of confusion.  That is probably funnier than the goof up itself. 

The crowd either didn’t notice or didn’t care, because they started chanting, “four more years, four more years!”

Let’s face it, Biden isn’t getting any younger, and he certainly isn’t becoming smarter.  This latest gaffe, one that future president #47 Trump rightfully mocked, shows just how frail and stupid our current president is.  Do we really want four more years of that? 

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks summed it up nicely: “This man is mentally unfit to be [p]resident,” he wrote on X.

Oh, and lest someone say that he maybe just didn’t notice the cue, said cues are typed out differently than the content that one’s supposed to read, so he really had no excuse other than pure stupidity.  I wonder what kind of student he was back in high school, I really do.

Well, the good news is that there will indeed be four more years, all right.  Four more years of Trump simply making America great again, because under Biden, we are certainly not great.