Oh, leave him alone!

I’m angrier than a Trump supporter who sees him getting mistreated everyday over the fact that he is again being mistreated, this time by a bully of a judge.

Trump was held in contempt of court, which is a bullcrap charge to begin with.  He was fined $9,000 and the threat of jail has been increased.  It all stems from the accusation that he has violated some sort of abusive and unfair gag order.

The overreaching gag order forbade Trump to make statements in public about witnesses, jurors and others in public.  Prosecutors allege that he violated the order ten times, and the judge agreed with every accusation except one.  Well, at least he has some small part of his brain functioning.

The judge even went so far as to threaten Trump with jail time if he does it again.  The judge claims that he kept Trump’s free speech rights in mind, but that he would not tolerate Trump violating his court orders.

Trump later called the ordeal “totally unconstitutional.”  He’s right.

Nothing that Trump has said comes close to violating a gag order and the judge knows it.  People are trying to silence the former and future 47th president and it’s sickening.  They aren’t stifling PFN Biden, are they?  No, just Trump!

The jury has quite the task ahead of them, don’t they?  It should be noted that people who have much more time and desire than I do have already identified all twelve of the jurors.  While I would never condone doing anything bad to them, I consider the fact that the information is out there (I haven’t come across it, but I could get it if I wanted to.) to be a form of verdict insurance.  If I were a juror, I wouldn’t want hell to rain down on me, so I’d be motivated to make the right choice.

And the jurors know the right call to make.  What will happen if they convict?  Unfortunately, there are some people who might take action, but I won’t be one of them.  But I will sit back in amusement as the news stories roll in.

This latest stunt by the incompetent judge is outrageous.  All Trump is trying to do is make America great again and we have nincompoops like the judge trying to jam him up.  It should be enough to make anyone with a brain sick!