Victimizing president #47

I’m angrier than a Coke fan who only has cans of Dr. Pepper left over this next one, readers.  And I mean really angry.  It seems that if future president #47 Donald Trump loses any of the kangaroo court charges against him, they could take away his right to vote, since felons cannot vote.

As open arguments begin today in his so-called “hush money” case, Trump’s right to vote apparently hangs in the balance.  The good news is that if any of the juries do something stupid for them and convict him, he can still serve as our 47th president.

In New York state, felons are barred from voting only for the time that they’re serving in prison.  Trump is not going to prison, so his right to vote will be intact in the state.  But what about Florida?  It’s anyone’s guess.

Should he be convicted and sent to prison, Trump’s Secret Service detail would be called into question.  That would mean that SS agents would have to sit there in prison with him, and that’s unprecedented.

The next few months are going to prove extremely interesting, whether you’re a Republican or a DemocRAT.  I am confident that Trump, who simply wants to make America great again, will prevail and this will all become a moot point.

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