Trump will prevail!

I’m angrier than moose who just got called meese over the way that former and future 47th president Donald Trump is being treated.  His criminal trial hasn’t even started yet (but it will this morning!), and already he’s being railroaded.  It’s a kangaroo court!  But hope is not lost just yet.  While his trial can still proceed, there’s a lifeline.

The Supreme Court of the United States could very well put an end to the persecution that the democRATS are heaping upon Trump.  Right now, our hero is hoping that, by virtue of being a sitting president at the time that all that caused this drama, he will be found to be immune from persecu…I mean, prosecution.

If SCOTUS rules in Trump’s favor, it’s all over.  He’s a free man.  If the Court rejects his plea, the matter could still be returned to a lower court and all that will take time, time that will delay the court cases so that he can campaign. Not that he needs to; Trump has already won.

No one who truly loves America wants PFN Biden in office.  He thinks Ukraine is our 51st state and he can’t stay awake long enough to do his damn job.

It can go either way at this point, but I am confident that Trump will be found to be immune and at that point, he can live his life again without worrying about the democRATS coming after him.