And it goes on and on

I’m angrier than a true American who sees how poorly future POTUS #47 Donald Trump is being treated by the country he tried to make great again.  I’m angry because I’ve seen how Trump was treated during this past week.

A jury of his peers is seated and opening arguments in his kangaroo court criminal trial are scheduled to begin Monday morning.  I hope the prosecutors are happy with themselves, attacking a true patriot like this.  Trump is the best president since George W. Bush.  Although I won’t say the election between Trump and PFN Biden was stolen, I will say that, in my opinion, Biden’s win was and is suspicious.

This time around, however, Trump is going to win.  He’s going to win fair and square and he’s going to reflect the true wishes of the American voters.  Those traitors who vote for Biden, who by doing so show that they don’t love America, will find that their efforts to get a second term out of Biden will prove hopeless and unavailing.

I truly believe that Trump will be acquitted on all counts and he will serve another four years in office.  The civil trials against him are, in my opinion, shams, and they will be dismissed or Trump will emerge victorious from them.

Trump has really motivated me.  Even though I’ve been eligible to vote for quite some time now, this upcoming election will be the first time I vote.  This election is far too important for me to sit on my hands and do nothing.  Mine is but one vote, but yes it is one vote.  I want Trump back in office so badly that going through the lengthy process of registering to vote is, to me, necessary to make America great again!

If you’re not registered, please do so, and then please vote for the only candidate who can truly make America great again, Donald Trump.  Right now, under Biden’s incompetent leadership, America is temporarily not great. 

Let Trump fix that!