Ouch! This guy’s on fire!

I’m angrier than a kangaroo whose name is invoked in a sham trial (like the one against future 47th president Donald Trump) over this story because I wasn’t able to see it happen with my own beautiful brownish eyes.

It seems that there’s a guy in NYC who wanted to feel the heat yesterday.  So, rather than take a hot shower, he decided to light himself on fire outside of the courthouse where Trump is being railroaded.  You would think that the guy would die of massive burns, but it turns out that he couldn’t do it right.

The man is identified in the media as one Max Azzarello, a 37-year-old researcher.  He covered himself in some sort of an alcoholic substance and then finished the job by taking a lighter to it all.  He got what he wanted; almost immediately, he went up in flames.  And that had to hurt!

He pulled his little stunt in front of shocked bystanders and bemused media journalists.  NYPD stepped in and ruined the fun by putting out the flames.  He was then rushed to the hospital, where he is likely undergoing painful burn treatment.

“I see a charred human being,” one witness whined.  What a snowflake.

I would have loved to see that drama play out on CNN or something.  It’s been a slow news day and something like this is both informative and entertaining.  After he’s taken care of in the physical sense, you and I both know he’ll be spending a lot of time in a mental ward.  At least he provided free entertainment.  So there’s that.