Leave Trump be!

I’m angrier than a Trump fan seeing how Trump is being treated in court over this story, because it has to do with the way Trump is being treated in court.  It’s infuriating and it’s unacceptable!  All he wants to do is make America great again and this is how he’s treated?  Unacceptable!

It’s been a busy few days as his kangaroo court criminal trial prepares to kick off.  A panel of twelve jurors is seated and now we’re ready for opening arguments.  Although I cannot publish the information, personal information about the jurors is absolutely out there for the grabbing and is quite easy to find. I am given to understand that some people consider that information to be accountability insurance.

Me?  Personally speaking, if I were a juror and I knew my information
was out there, I would be properly motivated to do the right thing.

Had I been called for jury duty for this, I would have lied and said I
can be impartial and then advocate for Trump in the jury room.  If the other eleven voted to convict, I would be the hold-out and force a mistrial, because
we need heroes on that jury, not zeroes that would ruin America by
convicting him.

Outside of the courtroom today, our hero shook a pile of papers that he said indicates what we all know: there is no case and he is being railroaded.  It’s a witch hunt, and a thinly-veiled one at that.  Of course Trump did not act inappropriately in regards to a supposed $310,000 payment to porno actress Stormy Daniels.  He is innocent, but is being punished for daring to make America great again!

Trump expressed his frustration, saying that everyone’s against him.  He is correct.  He is the victim here and if he’s found guilty, then America will be the victim too, because he won’t be able to serve as president.  President-For-Now Joe Biden doesn’t care about you.  He doesn’t care about America.  Hell, he can’t even care about his Catholic faith.  He can’t even stay awake long enough to give a damn about us!

What’s worse is that on Tuesday, it will be decided whether or not Trump will be held in contempt of court, which could have dire consequences for a great American hero if the judge buys into the hype.

This trial, the first one where a former president is hauled into court on criminal charges, promises to be interesting no matter what side you’re on.  But if you’re not on Trump’s side, then you are on the wrong side of history and America invites you to get out.