Get a life, Biden!

I’m angrier than an iPhone addict whose family keeps trying to push him towards an Android phone over this next story, folks!  First, Teen Girl Hair Sniffer Joe is pissing away our money via foreign aid.  Now, he’s punishing Iran for their retaliatory attack on Israel, despite the fact that the Jews, big surprise, fired the first shot.

What Joey doesn’t realize is that voters have long memories.  Hopefully, the majority of us will remember when we’re in the booths and we will kick him out of the White House. It will be a sad day indeed if Biden wins a second term when it’s Trump and Trump alone who can make America great again.

Under Biden’s authority, our nation is not great.  Trump can fix that. 
If you truly care about your country, your vote will go to Trump. 
Otherwise, you’re just a traitor.

Until that beautiful November day, we have to sit back and watch, hoping that the little
pervert has a fatal heart attack or something because if it ever comes down to it, he will almost
certainly cause World War III what with his feeble, incompetent mind and