Let’s go, Donald!

I’m angrier than Donald Trump sitting in a kangaroo court over all of this Trump on trial stuff that’s going on.  Today marked the second day of trying to sit a 12-member jury for his unjust and undeserved criminal trial, the so-called “hush money” case.

Today was an interesting day for me.  I spent my obligatory three hours in classes, where I am trying to earn my Criminal Justice degree.  While class was going on, I was paying attention to the professor while calling up news sites that discussed former president Trump.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is a victim, not an evildoer.  He’s being railroaded and the criminal case that’s going on right now is taking place in that sham of a courtroom.  President Joe Biden is the one with dubious financial transactions and other alleged misdeeds.  Biden is the one who stands accused of conspiring with his son for some purported shady doings.

Add to the fact that Sleepy Joe can’t seem to stay awake and we have an incompetent president who is screwing our country over.  The only legal way to take care of the problem is to take our revenge at the polls in November.

At one point in the process today, the judge admonished Trump for supposedly intimidating the jurors.  I don’t think he was intentionally doing that.  He’s better than that.  I think, after looking at several photos of him in a courtroom setting, that he simply has RBF.

So far, seven jurors have been chosen and opening arguments could actually start as soon as two weeks from now.  The trial itself is expected to last up to six weeks.

During the last presidential election season, I wasn’t motivated enough to register to vote.  Now I am.  We have to get rid of Biden and, unless he has a fatal heart attack, the only way to do that is to vote the clown out of office.  Trump should have one.  Had he won, our country would be in a far better state than it is now.

If Trump were in office, we wouldn’t have gotten involved in the Israel-Iran conflict.  We would be minding our own business, wouldn’t we?  All of the things Biden’s done wrong, Trump would have done right.

Trump was right…he only wants to make America great again.  Today, he promised to “straighten New York out,” and when he’s done with that, he’ll straighten America out.  But the only way he can do that is that if we, as Americans, vote him back into office.  When Trump wins again, he will be in the same class as only one other president.   Grover Cleveland is, up to this point, the first and only president to serve split terms.  When Trump wins, he will be doing exactly as Cleveland did; he was the 22nd and 24th president.  Trump would be 45 and 47.

I am confident that Trump will prevail in all the harassing court cases against him.  No one will be seizing any of his assets.  The ultimate revenge for Trump?  The perfect revenge would be him winning again.  

I am sorry that I did not register to vote last time.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t do my patriotic duty, which would have been to vote Trump back into office.  But all is not lost! 

Watching the Democrats cry will be the first step to making America great again.  Right now, it’s not so great, and that’s Biden’s fault.  

But Trump can be our hero!