He’s good for us!

I’m angrier than a two-ton woodpecker on a tree that has a one-ton weight limit over this.  I mean, I’m so steamed that I can’t even muster the strength to drink this can of Coke that’s sitting next to me!  Why am I so angry?  I’m learning about President Joe Biden‘s true colors what with this whole Iran-Israel thing going on.  I’m learning that he wants nuclear war to launch.  I’m learning that our country would be far better off had Trump not been booted from office, despite doing so much for us as a country.

I wish I’d been registered to vote during the last election.  I would have done my part and I would have voted for former president Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, we have Sleepy Joe in charge.  Trump gave him that apt nickname. He sniffs teenage girls’ and infants’ hair.  He asks six-year-old girls inappropriate questions.

What’s worse than all of that is that he could very well be dragging our country into what will almost certainly become World War III.  Right now, we’re awaiting Israel’s response to Iran’s bombing campaign.  Israel’s response could come at any time and in any form and all without notice.  All anyone, including our government and military, can do is wait and hope that World War III prevents us from making it to the summer.

I don’t know much about politics and presidents, but what I do know is that if Trump were still in charge, we wouldn’t be in this pickle.  It never would have gotten this far, but given that Biden has the nuclear codes at his reach at all times, we might not make it as a country to re-elect Trump.

I’ve found Trump to be an oft-persecuted former president.  As I write this, his unprecedented criminal trial is in the jury selection phase.  The trial is one where he stands accused of paying out so-called “hush money” involving Stormy Daniels.  Trump has denied all allegations against him.

The case involving Trump is politically motivated, with the goal being of getting people to re-elect Biden.  The Democrats are doing whatever they can to bring Trump down.  But let’s not forget that voters put Trump in office once and I think, after seeing all that Biden’s been up to, they’ll put Trump in office yet again and send Biden far away.

Trump has numerous cases against him pending and not a one of them are legitimate.  They are all designed to distract him for running for office. It’s so obvious now. I didn’t see it before, but I sure see it now.  Trump is the victim, not the aggressor!

I don’t think voters knew at the time what they were giving up by voting Trump out of office.  With nuclear disaster merely a key click away, we need a competent, stable man as president.  Right now, Biden can wake up in the middle of the night and cause us to launch the nuclear missiles that will end the world.  That can’t be. The competent man we need is Trump. 

I am so motivated to get Biden out office that I’ll be going downtown today to, for the first time in my life, register to vote.  And vote I shall!  For Trump!  A vote for Trump is a vote for a safe America, something that Biden doesn’t want you to have.

We have an idea of what nuclear war between the US and Russia would look like, but what will war between us and Iran and its allies look like?  Infographics hasn’t come out with a video for that as of when this article was being written.  Biden wants us to defend poor little Israel, despite the fact that it started this whole mess.  Biden wants us to lose, and he’s doing quite well by in any way defending Israel.

Trump, on the other hand, wants us to win.  He wants us to stay out of Israel and Iran’s way.  He wants us to continue to exist as a country, whereas Biden wants us speaking Russian.  Why would anyone want a  man like that in office, especially an office where the only person to authorize nuclear war is the president?

We need Trump, now more than ever.  Trump is good for us, he truly is.  With him in office, we can win.  On the other hand, with Biden in charge, we’re effectively ending the world.  A vote for Trump is a vote for our survival.  A vote for “Sleepy Joe” Biden, who would likely fall asleep when it’s time to make a decision on whether or not to send the nukes, is a vote for nukes with our names on them.  

Do you want to be responsible for ending the world?  No?  Then vote for Trump, or else you’re a traitor!