Yet more problems

I’m angrier than President Biden without a teenage girl’s hair to sniff over the continuing saga that is the Iran-Israel conflict.   I’m even angrier that our president is perfectly okay with us poking around into the conflict that will likely become a war.  I say that it’s not our problem, but the president obviously begs to differ.

As I wrote yesterday, this is an extremely fluid situation, with updates seemingly coming every ten minutes or so.  Our military is being dragged into this, meaning that US troops could die over something that doesn’t even concern us.  We decided to go to war in foreign countries as an act of petty revenge.

That’s right!  I wrote it!  We should never have gone to war because numerous military lives were lost because the president wanted to “punish” people.  He was willing to sign soldiers’ death warrants.  We should have left well enough after 9/11.  We should have learned that lesson, but we didn’t.  Off we went to seek revenge in the form of hunting down Osama bin Laden.  Sure, we killed him, but it wasn’t in the name of self defense.  He was no longer a threat.  No, we just had to keep going.

President Biden clearly thinks that we should get involved in coming to Israel’s aid they launched a first strike at Iran in the first place.  Israel is the clear bully here and Iran is the victim.  And of course Iran’s going to retaliate for what Israel did.  That’s a just response.  It’s what any country would do.  Why is Biden trying to help a country that launched an unjustified first strike?

The US has “condemned,” according to the media, Iran launching a retaliatory strike.  That means that Israel is, as previously stated, the aggressor.  Speaking of the media, NBC News is offering live updates.  It should not forgotten that on April 1, Israel attacked Iran’s consular building in Syria.  To put it in childish terms, they started it!

In all seriousness, the world seems to think that it’s okay for Israel to not be held accountable.  Well, Iran is certainly holding them accountable now.  In fact, Iran is going way too light on Israel.

So now, we’re defending a schoolyard bully.  Our president is getting ready to order troops to their certain deaths.  We shouldn’t be getting involved at all.  What has Iran or Israel done for us?  How can the possibly repay us?  Nothing and they can’t.  So we’re supposed to piss away money like we did with Ukraine?  As taxpayers, we need to revolt.

But wait!  There’s more!  Both Jordan and the United Kingdom have participated in shooting down drones and missiles.  That is shameful.  Their governments are also playing around with their citizens’ lives over something that doesn’t concern them.

And there’s even more than that!   NBC News is reporting that Israel is considering a response to Iran within the next twenty-four hours.  The only x factors are exactly when, exactly where and at what scale.  I’m no expert here, but I think we can expect something huge to happen by Monday evening, US time.

With the US, Jordan and the UK taking it upon themselves to play the hero, it’s only a matter of time before Iran and its allies, including the mighty Russia, find themselves attacked.  Since the UK is a member state of NATO, we have to act under Article V, which simply put means that an attack on one NATO state is an attack on all NATO states.  The UK is exposing itself to retaliation and because of that stupidity, we will be forced to defend them.  Other NATO nations will be forced to get involved too.  All of this adds up to World War III.

None of this would have happened if Biden grew a pair and withdrew any and all assistance.

The one and only smart thing Biden’s done with this is that he’s made it clear that the US won’t participate in any bombings.  And yet, we helped shoot down 98% of the missiles and drones that flew Israel’s way.

That’s after he told the world that we stand with Israel.  We shouldn’t be standing with any non-NATO country.  Biden has told Israel’s leader that they got a win and they should just take it and walk away.  Despite what Biden told the world, we’re still getting involved!  That mustn’t stand.  

We can pay Biden back at the polls in November, assuming that our country still exists at that point.  Thanks to him, the nukes that are aimed at our country are being prepped even as we speak.  Yes, we have ICBM’s aimed at Russia, North Korea and China (oops! Did I give out sensitive information?).  But that won’t prevent us being in the line of fire as payback for getting in Israel’s corner.

Look, I’m not into politics.  I’ve never registered to vote and it follows that I’ve never voted.  But Biden’s antics this weekend have motivated me to go register tomorrow.  So, I guess I’ll just get political now.

If former President Trump were still in office, and I wish he were at this point, I strongly suspect that we wouldn’t be witnessing what are now, or at the very least, Trump would have denied any and all forms of aid to Israel, which is what a true leader would do. 

I plan to register and then vote for Trump.  I don’t care about the accusations against him and I don’t care that he allegedly did things that he wasn’t supposed to.  No, all I want is Trump’s leadership back.  He cares about our country and Biden does not.

Because Biden is a cowardly asshole, we now have to worry about Iran and its allies launching a full-scale nuclear attack against our homeland.  Thanks, Biden!

What we are seeing here is the opening shots that will no doubt become World War III.  We can’t afford to get involved in any fashion, which means that we should leave everyone to their own devices, leave them there and walk away.  After all, they are not member nations, which means that we have no obligation whatsoever to waste our resources on Israel, a country that will never be able to pay us back for our support.

Apparently, Biden wants to gamble with our lives and those of the military who joined to defend our country.  There’s nothing in the oath that says defend other countries if they’re aren’t a part of NATO.

Iran is a force to be reckoned with.  They have tons of money at their disposal and both they and their allies possess enough nukes to wipe us off the map.  That didn’t stop Israel from retaliating against Iran’s retaliatory strike.  Indeed, Sunday afternoon, Israel’s fighter jets struck targets in Lebanon.  Why?  Shouldn’t they be bombing Iran?  How will Biden respond to all of this?

Is Biden willing to come to Congress, hat in hand, begging them to declare war on Iran?  That decision will end the world in less than an hour, and Biden doesn’t care  Is he willing to risk it all?  Apparently so!Is he willing to kill your military child?  Yes, because he doesn’t care about his fellow Americans.  Now, I can’t ask for or condone an assassination, but I can say that he hasn’t been given the proper motivation to let Iran and Israel hash it out amongst themselves.  

Read into that what you will.