What’s going to happen?

I’m angrier than President Biden with no place to take a nap over this whole Iran-Israel situation.  That’s because I, along with 300 million other Americans, are likely going be living in World War III by Tuesday because he wants to help a country that bombed Iran’s interests without provocation.

Depending on where you’re reading this article, you could be living in the most dangerous places to be in a nuclear war, or you could be living in one of the safest.  So what are the safest areas?  Daily Mail has you covered.

According to the article, the safest place on the planet would be one of these countries:

  • Greenland
  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Antarctica
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

There are some other areas, but I don’t care about them.  These countries find themselves on this list for varying reasons.  Their safety might have something to do with geographic location, their resources, or they’re known for minding their own business and the nuclear superpowers wouldn’t waste their time or ICBM’s on them.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty of safe places for people to live in or flee to.

If I were in charge, I would drag these countries kicking and screaming into World War III.  I would order a nuclear strike on all the countries listed above, just so things are kept fair.  It’s unfair for citizens of those countries to rest easy while the rest of us vaporize.  So what better way to level the playing field then to nuke them, just for the hell of it?  They wouldn’t fight back, making it a no-brainer.

People living in those countries can rest easy knowing that while the rest of the world is being vaporized or poisoned with radioactive particles, they are safe and sound.  They will survive.

But what kind of world will they be surviving?  The global economy would be gone.  The internet would be gone.  Imports?  Gone, because the exporters would literally disappear into thin air.  Sooner or later, nuclear winter would impact them in some fashion.  Sooner or later, they will suffer just like the rest of us, but their suffering wouldn’t be great enough for it to be fair.

So whether World War III launches this week because of Iran and Israel, or whether the war starts in another time and with other countries (maybe Russia will finally grow some balls and make good on its threats to nuke us!), these countries should be made to suffer just like the rest of the world.

Yes, World War III is on most everyone’s mind, because depending on what happens this week, we might very well see the beginning and end of it, all within the same hour.  Those who are vaporized will be lucky.  Those who survive might soon wish that they hadn’t.

What’ll happen here in the United States if World War III breaks out?

  • Our economy will be gone.  Currency will be worthless.  The banks will no longer exist.
  • Martial law will be declared and we’ll be shooting each other just for a slice of bread.
  • The entire country will be uninhabitable because of radiation and nuclear winter.
  • The internet will be gone.  Electronics will no longer work.  Cars will be useless.
  • Crops, milk and other such resources?  Gone in a flash, quite literally!

Yes, there are those preppers who have prepared underground bunkers that will sustain them for a few weeks, months or maybe a year.  Congratulations to them, they survived the first round, assuming that their food and water supply held up as they imagined.  After drinking each other’s feces and eating inedible food, will they wish they’d been vaporized?

But, sooner or later, they’re going to have to emerge from their precious hidey-holes and confront the fact that the world they once knew simply does not exist anymore.

When they come back up, will there be food?  Will people still be killing each other for the smallest portion of anything?  Will things be back up and running?  The answers to these questions depend on how much of the country was bombed and how inhabitable places are.

Those who don’t have anywhere to hide for weeks or months and who have not been vaporized, a whole world of suffering is about to come to them.  Some will expire in a few days because they breathed radioactive air.  Others will have radiation burns and their skin will peel off their bodies for a very painful few days.  After that, they’ll be dead.

So, yeah, preppers are of the mindset that they’ll never be affected.  They think they’re better than everyone else.  Time will tell if their bunkers and food and water rations, as well as sanitary places to use the bathroom, work.  Remember, the bunkers may be built, but they haven’t undergone real-world testing.  So anything could happen.

Lots of people will have guns at their disposal to protect themselves, but many will use those guns to rob and kill just because they can with no fear of accountability.  It will be hell on earth, and no one will be exempt forever.  Sure, the preppers can escape for a short period of time, but their numbers will be up soon enough, assuming that their bunkers held up as designed.  Remember, nothing has undergone a real drill.  So anything could happen.

The next few days will tell if we’re going to have World War III now, or whether we’ll kick the can down the road some more.  Because let’s face it: at some point, probably in the near future, Russia will nuke us and we’ll nuke them.  North Korea and China will get in on the act and NATO countries will rush in to defend us because they have to.

The fact of the matter is that World War III will happen.  It’s just a matter of when, but we could very well be seeing the start of history in the making.  Sit back and enjoy the ride and break out the sunglasses as Iran and Israel decide for the rest of us when the world ends.

UPDATE at 8:17 p.m.

Media reports claim that Biden is “privately” concerned about things escalating even more out of control than they are right now.  Reports also indicate that Biden has made it clear that he, on behalf of our nation, will not be participating in any further retaliatory measures.  Yeah, well, time will tell if he’ll hold true to his word or if his administration convinces him to go back on his word and use even more US resources than he already has.  This about-face doesn’t phase me, however.  He still fouled up by participating at all and Trump will be the very first presidential candidate for whom I vote.