It just became our problem!

I’m angrier than a black man who just got turned down for food stamps over this next story.  Yesterday, I wrote that the dispute between Iran and Israel doesn’t concern us because it’s not our problem.  Well, our incompetent and creepy teenage girl hair-sniffer president has decided to make it our problem after all.

Well, as promised, Iran launched an attack against Israel in the form of drones and missiles. In all, around five hundred drones of them are headed straight for Israel, reports indicate.  Well, it wasn’t our problem yesterday. We could have just turned a blind eye, but no, now we’re being forced to fight a fight that doesn’t concern us and they’re going to go through money and military lives. 

What the hell does Biden care about sending other folks’ kids into harm’s way for no valid reason?  He can’t relate to losing a military
child, so he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about sending your child into a fight that doesn’t concern us.  How do you feel about Biden now, if you voted for him?  If you did vote for him, you should seriously consider suicide.

Right now, we’re seeing the US intercept as many drones and missiles as they possibly can, using taxpayer monies to step into a battle that is not its problem.

Before I go any further, I would like to remind you that Israel brought this upon itself.  It was Israel who threw the first punch and the attacks by Iran are retaliatory strikes.  I have to side with Iran on this one.  Surely Israel didn’t think they’d get away with what they did.  Well, they’re learning their lesson now, aren’t they? 

Simply put, Iran is the victim and Israel is the bully and now we’re rushing to protect the aggressor?  We should be siding with Iran and helping them.  But leave it to our government to go down the wrong path!

NBC News has quoted Sen. Chuck Schumer as saying via X:

“As Israel is under attack from Iran, we stand with Israel and its
people, and the United States will do everything we can to support
Israel’s defense against Iran…”

And that’s the problem.  We shouldn’t be standing with Israel, because that means that Iran will come after us as well and that could be the catalyst for World War III.  Iran doesn’t have nuclear warheads but it does have material to make three or so nuclear bombs, bombs it can deliver to Israel.  

And watch, even though Israel is not a part of NATO, and even though they can do nothing to repay us, we’re going to of course retaliate, which in turn will make Iran’s allies, who do have nuclear weapoms aim their nukes at us and we’ll be wiped out in less than an hour, all because Schumer, a Jew, wants to earn brownie points by helping save poor, defenseless Israel.

Iran will attack US assets wherever it can.  And we’ll have to pay them back for that, and then so on.  If Iran attacks us, we’d have to invoke Article 5, which simply put means that an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all NATO countries.  Our allies will jump in and before anyone knows it, World War III will start and all because we had to play the hero in a matter that has nothing to do with us or our interests.

I think we should get out of the situation now before it gets worse.  Israel has never done anything for us and it is incapable of paying us back for our efforts.  So, the wise thing to do is to walk away.  Turn the ships around, retract our claws, and walk away before nukes start flying.  Do we really want humanity to end over the Jews?  Of course not!  

We stood by during World War II and let the Jews supposedly be attacked during what people think was a holocaust.  We didn’t step up until the thing was over anyway.  Germany did nothing even while the alleged events were taking place on its soil.  Why can’t we do that now?

We have a proven track record of failing the Jews, so why can’t we keep that pattern going?  I fail to see what’s to be proven by risking the welfare of our country for a bunch of residents of Israel, whose ancestors killed our Lord and Savior.  They killed Him, and now we’re supposed to jump to their defense  That doesn’t pass the smell test!

We’re not the only stupid ones.  France and Great Britain are jumping on the wagon as well and I’m sure other sheep will blindly follow, to the detriment of their citizens and their very country.

Out of one side of its mouth, the United Kingdom relocated its resources to the Middle East in a respectable effort to de-escalate things.  Out of the other side of its mouth, they are being just as reckless as we are.  News reports indicate that they’ve launched Royal Air Force aircraft with the goal of intercepting attacks on Israel.  Now they’re dragging their citizens into something that doesn’t involve them.  Just like us, they’ll probably pay for that in the form of nuclear warfare.

Thus far, Iran is, according to NBC News, going to attack every other target except for citizens and religious properties.  But if all hell breaks loose, and it will now that our idiotic government has seen fit to drag us into another country’s problems, kicking and screaming, it will turn into an all out war, and every potential target in Israel and the USA will be on Iran’s table.  Did our government think of that?  Is our military thinking of that?  No, of course not!

The news is changing fast.  As I type this, air raid sirens are going off in Jerusalem and Iran has launched, according to media reports, around seventy more missiles.  Explosions have been sighted in the biblical-era Jerusalem.  This sounds like an Israel problem,  so why are we involved?  This really doesn’t concern us one little bit! 

This is going to get worse before it gets better, folks.  And it’ll end with us being nuked and us retaliating before we go down.  The world will end because President Biden has approved some idiot’s plan to intervene where we shouldn’t be messing.  That’s probably why he cut his weekend in Delaware so short.  He’s come back to make decisions that will impact the safety of all Americans.

There’s still time for the United States to walk away, but Biden’s so busy kissing Israel’s ass that we won’t do the smart thing and abandon it.  Let someone else put themselves on the line for a worthless, useless country.

But we are not walking away.  Media reports state that we are sending one of our battleships there with over 2,000 Marines who are probably re-thinking their life’s choices.  Some of them will not come back alive and their blood will be on Biden’s hands.

How far will things escalate over the weekend?  It’s a very fluid situation that changes minute by minute. Things have developed while I wrote this.  My iPhone is blowing up with notifications regarding this mess, so it’s very possible that a major war will have broken out before the open of business on Monday morning.  

When things go sideways, just remember that it’s our government who failed us.  Of course, that won’t matter when we get vaporized, all thanks to our bumbling, fumbling, stumbling dumbass government.

Any minute now, Russia will get into the act and we all know that it has missiles aimed directly at us just like we have ours pointed at them.  Russia will think nothing of nuking us as payback for getting involved with Israel.

Assuming our country survives this, we should all remember what Biden’s done here when it’s time to vote.  At this point, former president Donald Trump is looking like Prince Valiant compared to Biden.  I’ve never voted in my life, but this latest Biden stunt has me ready to register on Monday.  I’ve a feeling that Trump wouldn’t screw our beloved country over like Biden just did.  I suspect that Trump would stand tall and tell Israel to go pound sand.

NBC News quoted Trump as saying that. “we show great weakness.”  He also said that it wouldn’t have happened if he were still in office.  I truly believe that.  I think Trump would show the courage that Biden lacks and would leave Israel to its own devices.

At this point, since assassinating Biden is not a proper or viable goal, I can only hope that he dies in his sleep so that vice president Kamala Harris can take over and bring our involvement to a halt.

So sit back, reader.  The end of the world is almost nigh, and it’s all thanks to Biden and his “yes” men.